Category: juggling, balance and clown

Origin: Mexico

Duration: 40 minutes

For: all age groups.

El Aletreo" is a show inspired by the aesthetics of the painting "phenomenon of weightlessness" by the painter Remedios Varo, Through the language of the circus and the clown, an attempt is made to recreate the inner world of this character, where the mystery and curiosity that hides between books and objects that float in the air can inhabit.

Kalambres is a character who explores with books, the possibilities that arise in them, worlds full of wonder and games that open like doors. Kalambres accompanies the viewer through a flight between texts and music, to remember how beautiful it is to be carried by the wind, and try to take flight without fear of falling, without fear of being free, without fear of ridicule.


Humberto Jimenez Rios Born in Mexico in 1990, he is a multidisciplinary artist of the circus arts, who began his career self-taught in 2007 and professionally in 2011 at the school of circus arts in Puebla (MX), specializing in slack wire balance, juggling, manipulation of hats and clown. He worked different numbers in classical circus companies but also in independent theater companies in different festivals in Latin America and Europe.