This section will be udpdated regularly, if you have a question, please use the form below and we'll get back to you :)

Can I bring my camper/caravan/live-in vehicle?

Yes, we have a dedicated car parking field in which these vehicles can dwell, however camping field access is restricted. Don't worry you won't be far from the event facilities and services.

Can I bring my dog(s)

Yes, dogs are welcome at Marbury park, there's even a canine assault course and plenty of bins for dogs eggs.

Is there food and drink available on site?

No, please bring everything you need. There is drinking water and a small concessions stand (think tea/coffee/cakes) and there's also shops and supermarkets nearby plus some great takeaways that will deliver to the gates.

Where is the Nearest Supermarket?

Northwich - Tesco, Sainsburys, Aldi, Lidl

Where is the nearest Train Station


Is there any bus link to get me to the park?

Yes - the No.4 from Northwich bus station comes right past the park

Is there a bar or Alchohol sales onsite?

No, we're not running a bar, so you're free to consume at your own sensible and considerate discretion.

Can I run a stall and sell things?

Yes, but please let us know by phone, email, volunteer form in advance.

Can I get in and out late/early

Yes site access is 24hr for main site and car park

Is the camping field private and secure

The camping field allocated is part of a country park and is accessible to walkers and visitors. You are responsible for your belongings. We require all attendees to maintain a respectful level of tidiness in the camp in consideration of all park users, especially children and animals.

Can I leave my rubbish onsite

We require all guests to take responsibility for their own waste. Please consider this when doing your big shop :)

Is there a kitchen or dish washing up facility?

No there isn't a dedicated dish washing up facility.

Are there any showers?

No the aren't any showers