What's On?

Here you'll find a full run down of all of the events and workshops running in the different areas.

If you have an amazing skill and would like to share with others by running a workshop please use the volunteer form below and we'll fit you in to your convenience. This does not have to be 100% juggling, slacklining, circus related. Past events include yoga and the likes and we're happy to promote arts for all.

Just Added - Marbury Park Outdoor Swimming Pool

We're stoked to be able to confirm, that for your recreational delights, we have booked Marbury Pool!

The pool is booked from 7-9pm on the Saturday and tickets are available for £5+ booking. The ticket fee goes directly to the upkeep of the pool and swimming club which is run by volunteers.

There will be some places available 'on the door' but pre booking will give a better idea to the pool as to what level of staffing is required along with guaranteeing you a place.

You can pre book your ticket here: https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/marbury-park.../t-lnkorza

And check out the pool with lots more info here: https://www.marburyparkswimmingclub.co.uk/

Saturday Evening Show!

Featuring: El Aletreo

A show inspired by the aesthetics of the painting "phenomenon of weightlessness" by the painter Remedios Varo. Through the language of the circus and the clown, an attempt is made to recreate the inner world of this character, where the mystery and curiosity that hides between books and objects that float in the air can inhabit. Find Out More...

Family Juggling Workshops (Times to be confirmed) - suitable for all ages

Guardian/Parent to be present for all under-16s at all times

  • Scarf Juggling

  • Feather Balancing

  • Plate Spinning

  • Ball Juggling

  • Diablo

  • Super Slack Lining

  • ....and more

Beginners Workshops (Times to be confirmed)

Ball Juggling 101

Club Juggling 102

Beginners Club Passing 999

Juggling Workshops for Jugglers (TBC)

  • Making a sandwich whilst juggling three clubs

  • Making a club sandwich whilst juggling five balls

  • Making a balls up of a club sandwich while juggling three balls on a slackline

Slacklining Beginners Area

Register for access to the North West Slack Fest beginners zone for:

  • Supervised starts from experienced folks

  • low level and family safe slack lines

  • lots of help and support for getting going and moving on

Story telling workshop

Guardian/Parent to be present for all under-16s at all times

Saturday 7pm - Info Tent

Come one, come all for a guided and collaborative weaving of tall tales and tiny adventures in what could be the last word of the day for any little minds needing a rest (as if!). Bring a blanket and a teddy, even bring the kids if you have any, this will be the only attempt at calming down the small folk as a collective and all are welcome.